Earth Fault & Short Circuit Indicators

Earth Fault & Short Circuit Indicator detects faults in phase and ground faults in underground networks. It generates a fault signal when the currents exceed the adjustable fault current threshold value and again during the adjustable fault current detection period. When the fault current occurs, internal signal LED, LCD display and external signal lamp give an information to the user. The fault information can be transferred with dry contact(s) on the device via SCADA or other utility applications. The signal LEDs flash for 2 seconds in the first half of the reset period and 4 seconds in the second half of the reset period and the phase current or earth current symbol for the fault flashes at the same period as LED at the main page. After the fault current is removed, the device is automatically reset after 3 seconds. The operator can also reset the device via digital input (remote reset), interface or communication. The digital input is optically isolated. The last 20 events are listed together in the event page with the fault current value, the phase at which the fault occurred, date and time information.


  • Voltage Source 30-265VAC – 24V-310VDC
  • Power Consumption < 3W
  • Lithium- Ion – 3600mAh 3.6V Pil
  • 3 Phase Current Inputs
  • Measuring Range 0-900 Amper
  • 24VDC Digital Input
  • Number of Output 1-3 (Opsiyonel)
  • Contact Type SPST - NO
  • Contact Current 1A
  • Parameters (Ia, Ib, Ic), Nötr Akimi (In)
  • Accuracy ± %3
  • Communication Protocol Modbus RTU
  • Communication Line RS485
  • Supported Data Communication Speed (baud) 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400
  • Dimensions (mm) 96x48x78
  • Panel Montage
  • Weight 560 gr
  • Protection Class IP65 (Ön Panel)
  • Operation Temperature -10 +70°C
  • Relative Humidity Max. 95%
  • 128x32 One color LCD display,
  • Number of Buttons 4
  • Internal Led and External Signal Lamp
  • English, Turkish Language Options

  • Current Transformer

  • Split Type(3 Pieces)
  • Dimensions 96x48x78
  • Cable Radius 70mm
  • Nominal Current 600A


ESI is used for the detection of fault in medium voltage underground networks. The current information that is received from the three current transformers (separate for each phase) connected to the underground network cables detect the phase and earth faults and show the fault status information with the indicators on the main unit and external signal lamp

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