Energy Monitoring

It is possible to check that everything's going well in your electrical system and not to face any surprises at the end of the month. Moreover, you do not need to keep any staff for these work. By remote monitoring, we are now watching your electrical system on your behalf.

Any failure that may occur on your compensation system may lead to insufficient or excessive compensation, and this may return you as a penalty in the electricity bill at the end of the month . If a system is monitored daily, it is possible to detect the fault and take the necessary precautions without facing the billing surprise at the end of the month.

Contact adhesion, failed thyristor, blown fuse, end of life capacitors, line disconnections and so on is always possible faults. If such a fault on your system emerges, it will be reflected in the daily energy values​​. While checking the values, if any problem likely to occure in the system, we intervene the system and detect the fault with our experienced staff. To forgot your compensation system, contact us.

Energy Monitoring

Active, Reactive Energy Tracking

Daily Reporting


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