Low Voltage Reactive Power Compansation Systems

An offer for you: Forget your compensation!

FACTOR1 Thyristor Switched Compensation Systems

We design the best suited system to your needs with selection of high quality equipments, step design in proper range, properly selected protection elements and the modular structure, and we claim that once installed, you will forget that you have a compensation system.

Why? Because our thyristor switched systems compared to the conventional electromechanical systems, has three major advantages.

Transient free switching:
At switching instants no inrush current occurs on capacitors, life time of the capacitors extend

Fast response (<20ms) :
Meets the required reactive power instantaneously, saves you from penalties.

Infinite switching :
Thyristors do not have problems such as wear, abrasion, adhesion like electromechanical switches

General System Features:

Standard: TS EN 60439
Rated voltage: 230V to 690V (50Hz)
Rated power: maximum 300kVA in a panel (single cubicle)
To a maximum level of 100kVAr for single step
Surge arrester protection
Test voltage: 2.5 kV / 1 min
IP.43 protection class cabin
Expandable modular structure
High resistance against corrosion: galvanized steel frame and internal construction
Electrostatic powder coated galvanized steel doors and covers
Color: RAL.7035 (black base)
Operating temperature -10 / +40 oC
Cooling: Thermostat-controlled forced ventilation
Bottom cable entry (optionally also be done from the top)
Independent distribution bus for each cubicle.
Push-pull type compensation modules
Connection ready external terminals (voltage, current, signal, etc..)
High quality cabling and electromechanical hardware


FACTOR.1 thyristor switched compensation systems are new generation reactive power compensation systems which are developed for the industrial and commercial facilities where the reactive power demand is rapidly changing systems such as punto / arc welding machine, induction and arc furnaces, rolling mills, etc. and for the systems that include voltage fluctuation-sensitive devices such as PLC, PC, electronic devices, etc.

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