LPCT Current Sensors

LPCT (Low Power Current Transformer), the smaller, lighter and economic current sensors begin to be used in medium voltage power system protection applications instead of the conventional type current transformers.

Low power current sensors, can measure excessive currents with high accuracy and without saturation due to the low total power consumption. In EAS current sensor, the open secondary windings do not cause any failure due to voltage output. A 5 m long cable with RJ45 connectors in double-side is supplied with the transformer. According to the needs, cable length or number of secondary output is specified in the order


Suitable for using with protection relays with 100A/22.5mV inputs.
Lightweight and compact
Rated primary current up to 1250A
High accuracy
Compatible with IEC 60044-8 Standard


EAS low-power current sensors are LPCT type current transformers used in medium voltage protection and measurement applications.

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